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The Healing and Hope Foundation is always looking for volunteers to join our team! If you have a passion for helping others and strive to break the stigma associated with mental health, then our foundation is right for you. Our volunteers uphold the mission and vision of our foundation and are full committed to breaking the stigma associated with mental health. Volunteers are caring, supportive and professional.

Community Volunteer Application

  • Community Volunteers participate in community events that the foundation participates in.  As a community volunteer you will help plan, organize and participate in events hosted within the community to aid in breaking the stigma associated with mental health.
    • Requirements:
      • Must pass background check
      • All ages welcome.  Minors must have permission from parent/guardian
      • Must volunteer minimum of 4 hours a month
      • Complete online application


  • Support volunteers work directly with Healing and Hope Foundation participants.  Support volunteers plan and/or facilitate workshops, therapy groups, community outreach, mental health trainings, tutoring, etc.  
    • Requirements:
      • Must be 18 years of age or older
      • Must pass background check (will be completed upon application acceptance)
      • Must have obtained a degree or currently be enrolled in school to obtain a degree in counseling, human services, education, psychology, sociology, social work, arts and humanity, nursing or any social services degree.  (proof of enrollment is required)
      • Must volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a month
      • Complete online application
      • Upload the following
        • Resume
        • Proof of school enrollment (current classes or if on school break, last set of classes enrolled in)
        • Certification and/or degree (if applicable)
      • Interview with Founder of organization

**The Healing and Hope Foundation want to help those in need but also be a support to those currently enrolled in a helping/social service field. To ensure our volunteers continue to grow and are prepared for a their prospective careers, volunteers are able to obtain points towards certificate trainings in mental health and other relatable courses based on number of hours volunteered. One point is earned for every hour volunteered. The Healing & Hope Foundation will cover 50% up to 100% of training costs dependent on the number of points each volunteer has accumulated. Points required for trainings vary dependent on type of training and length of training. This is great for volunteers planning to obtain a career in the service field as these trainings will increase your skills and aid in your resume being more competitive. Please complete the online application and upload required documents

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