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Glow Up

GLOW UP is a program for girls/young ladies 12-18 years of age (middle & high school) as well as transitional aged youth (TAY population).   The goal of GLOW UP is to develop young ladies into Goal oriented leaders who are Optimistic,Worthy, Unique and Powerful.  Glow Up runs from August through June.  Each month a workshop/activity and/or community service event is facilitated focused on the 6 pillars of the Glow Up program:

Six Pillars:

Goal Oriented

Layers & Levels

Layers & Levels is a program for women ages 23+.   This program focuses on the many layers of women.  With the many roles women play (sister, mother, wife, etc.) along with with day to day stressors, it is important to ensure self-care is a priority.  This program focuses on self-care in reference to the many layers of women (spiritual, emotional, and physical).  This program will aid women in recognizing which layers are pushing them forward and/or hindering the process of achieving optimal overall mental and emotional health by teaching coping skills, providing education on the importance of mental health and addressing personal challenges.


The Healing Black& Brown Intergenerational Trauma (HBIT) Center is a program of The Healing & Hope Foundation.  The HBIT center was developed to aid black  and brown communities in overcoming mental, emotional, educational, economic, and financial challenges faced daily as a result of the systematic racism and multigenerational oppression and trauma.

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